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Byzantine Venice

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The universe of Venice, "Serenissima Repubblica" - The treasures of the golden Basilica.

Part One

Visit the monuments of Venice, a city of glory and supremacy.

We are right in the heart of the city to visit the most famous locations in the history of Venice. The splendour of the thousand-year history of the Republic of Venice flows before us: its civilisation, enlightened government and supremacy over the seas and the Mediterranean nations.



  • Departure from St Mark's Square, brief description of the history of the main monuments: St Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace, Bell Tower, Clock Tower and Procuratie.
  • Arrival at S. Maria Formosa with a guided explanation of the "Campo", one of the most famous locations in Venice. Continue to Campo San Giovanni e Paolo - a place of wonder and excitement. Description of the great Scuole di Carità (charitable institutions) and of the dwelling places of the Captains of fortune.
  • Arrival at the House of Marco Polo and the Malibran Theatre - a guided tour around a wonderful corner of Venice where ancient and recent history overlap.
  • Return to St Mark's through the Mercerie, the connection between Rialto and St Mark's, which has always been Venice's main shopping district.


Visit St Mark's Basilica and discover its treasures

Venice has always been proud of the affluence of St Mark's Basilica, a perfect reflection of its endeavours and its proximity to the Orient. Here Venetian art is a sumptuous amalgam of Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic elements in celebration of God and the endeavours of the Republic of Venice. The five domes of Oriental inspiration enclose fabulous treasures: precious white marbles, blue enamels and pure gold mosaics. On the central terrace there are four bronze prancing horses in front of the façade. The iridescent mosaics of the interiors tell the stories of Saint Mark and episodes from the Old and New Testaments, while the mediaeval soul is captured in the saints appearing in the iconostases who act as guardians of the radiant Pala d’Oro and the Treasury of Saint Mark.



  • Entrance to St Mark's Basilica from Porta San Pietro (St Peter's Door).
  • Visit inside the Basilica, pausing for an in-depth study of the mosaics of St Mark's.
  • Visit to the Pala d'Oro.


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Periods and Meeting Points

APRIL 1, 2018 TO OCTOBER 31, 2018

Available daily (except Sundays)
English, French, Spanish, German,

9.00 AM - Under the Clock Tower 

in St. Mark's Square next to the Clock Tower

NOVEMBER 1, 2018 TO MARCH 31, 2019

Available daily (except Sundays)
English-speaking guide
Monday, Friday
German-speaking guide
TuesdayThursday, Saturday
French-speaking guide
Wenesday, Saturday
Spanish-speaking guide

9.00 AM - Under the Clock Tower 

in St. Mark's Square next to the Clock Tower

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approx. 2.5 hours – 1 hour break between the two tours

Guided Tour



From 1st April 2018 till 31st October 2018

Adults: 46.00 € per person
Children under 3: free (reservation under Infant)

From 1st November 2018 till 31st March 2019

Adults: 46.00 € per person
Children under 6: free (reservation under Infant)


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