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Gondola Serenade

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A romantic immersion into eighteenth-century Venice

 About three or four hundred years ago, when many landfilled areas had to be created in order to be able to "walk" on Venice, the gondola was the means of transport par excellence. This visitors to the Serenissima, or the Republic of Venice, would have encountered a scenario more or less as follows: a city that still shone from a cultural profile viewpoint consisting of small islands all situated within close proximity, through which relatively wide channels of seawater, or more precisely lagoon water, passed. Everyday life of Venetians was simple although emotional and full of influences. After gondolas became a high class means of transportation all the noble families competed owning one or more gondolas “de casada” (exhibiting the blazon of the family) witch they used for business or private enjoyment. This Habit gave origins to a kind of music called "canzoni da battello" (songs of boat) that reached its top in the ‘700 and is still played today. Fundamental in the contest is the gondolier’s cooperation that even today presents this tradition and helps its diffusion and knowledge, gondoliers while rocking in board their guests sing traditional melodies in “Venetian dialect” written by unknown authors in 600/700. This tour offers the chance to relive a unique historical experience, just as it would have transpired a few hundred years ago. Taking advantage of the late afternoon/evening ambience, a group of gondolas will be witness to the romantic spectacle of ancient Venetian song, so just lean back and observe the silhouettes of this beautiful city. Venice was made to be enjoyed from the water; part of its romance is due to this. And from here you'll have the opportunity to experience personal emotions to remember with pleasure for a lifetime.



- Enjoy an iconic shared gondola ride along the canals of Venice
- Drift up the Grand Canal and down minor canals
- Be serenaded by a gondolier and live music
- See spectacular palaces lining the shores of Venice's canals



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