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The Golden Basilica

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Visit to the interior of St Mark's Basilica and the priceless treasures preserved within.


St Mark's Basilica has always been the symbol of Venice's wealth, power and good fortune in which many artistic styles are assembled and combined, from Byzantine to Gothic, blending Romantic elements with those from the Romanesque period. Five Oriental-style domes crown the profile of the Basilica embellished with golden mosaics, coloured marble, pearls and precious stones. Four bronze horses stand proudly at the entrance to the Basilica and the mosaics within narrate stories from the bible with minute images. However, the most famous and important treasure is the Pala d'Oro located behind the altar on the chancel, with an antependium in gold, silver and precious stones.



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Visit the interior of St Mark's Basilica with priority access via St Peter's Door. This entrance allows you to admire the lunette of the main portal decorated during the Romanesque period according to typically Western custom; it depicts an image of the Last Judgment framed by three carved arches of different sizes which show a series of Prophets, sacred and civil Virtues, Allegories of the twelve months, Trades and Crafts and other symbolic scenes with animals and cherubs.

In the curved arches of the upper register decorated in floral Gothic style, it is possible to admire statues representing Cardinal and Theological Virtues, four Warrior Saints and Saint Mark watching over the city. Once you enter the Basilica you will have the opportunity to appreciate the gilded mosaics the Basilica is famous for and the city's symbol of wealth and good fortune.

Some of the most important symbols can be found in the dome of Genesis and Creation, with twenty-six scenes that begin with the creation of heaven and earth. The scene of the blessing of the seventh day is exceptional, with God enthroned and surrounded by the six angels of the first six days. This is followed by the creation of Eve from Adam's rib, the temptation of the serpent, the expulsion from the Earthly Paradise and other episodes featured in this Book. The mosaics of the first three chapels were created between 1220 and 1240.

Lastly you will be able to admire the famous Pala d'Oro preserved in the Basilica chancel, with a large antependium in gold, silver, enamels and precious stones. Its series of enamels is amongst the most relevant of its kind. Some date back to the mid-twelfth century (the Pantocrator, the archangels and the festivals) and are very valuable pieces, typical of the Byzantine art of the time. The drawing technique applied to create the figures depicted is particularly elegant, and their creation required remarkable technical virtuosity using the cloisonné method.


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Periods and Meeting Points

APRIL 1, 2018 TO OCTOBER 31, 2018

Available daily (exept Sundays and religious holidays)

English, French, Spanish, German


12.00 AM - Next to the Clock Tower 
in St. Mark’s Square next to the Clock Tower


NOVEMBER 1, 2018 TO MARCH 31, 2019

Available daily (exept Sundays and religious holidays)
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Wensday, Saturday
Monday, Friday


12 AM - Next to the Clock Tower 
in St. Mark’s Square next to the Clock Tower


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From 1st November 2018 till 31st March 2019

Adults: 25,00 € per person
Children under 6: free (reservation under infant)

From 1st April 2018 till 31st October 2018

Adults: 25,00 € per person
Children under 6: free (reservation under infant)


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