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The Doge’s Palace - Afternoon

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Visit inside the Doge's Palace and access to the Palace of Prisons via the Bridge of Sighs.


The Doge's Palace is the most important example of Gothic architecture in the city of Venice. The Palace's interior is accessed by passing through the Porta del Frumento (Corn Door) which overlooks the Venetian Lagoon. The political and administrative life of the city of Venice took place in this Palace since, as the residence of the Doge, it was a governmental seat, a court of Justice and a symbol of the power of the Republic of Venice. As the former home of the Venetian Doges and the Venetian Magistracy, the Palace was founded after 812, repeatedly struck by fires and consequently rebuilt, and has accompanied the history of the Republic of Venice from its infancy to its fall: once Venice was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy and this building was placed under the jurisdiction of the latter, it became a museum and has been preserved in this last role up to today, housing the Civic Museum of the Doge's Palace. The visit to the Doge's Palace begins at the entrance to the inner courtyard surrounded by monumental facades and a colonnade of Gothic architectural tradition. After taking in the atmosphere of the internal garden where you can also admire the wonderfully captivating Giant's staircase, a work of art in which the figures of Mars and Neptune have been reproduced by the famous sculptor Jacopo Sansovino, you can go up to the first floor. There you can also admire the hall in which The Great Council of Venice met to orchestrate the most important political and administrative decisions, taking in the walls of the magnificent Sala del Maggior Consiglio (Grand Council Hall). Finally, to conclude the visit, you will have the opportunity to explore the prisons of the Republic of Venice via the striking Bridge of Sighs, which, built above the canal that laps against the walls of the prison, offers an incredible view of the lagoon overlooking the sea, against whose horizon the profile of Giudecca is silhouetted.



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- Skip the line and enjoy a guided tour of the Doge’s Palace
- See the residential offices of the Venetian government
- Admire the superb Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture
- Discover masterpieces by Tintoretto, Titian, Veronese, and Bellini
- Relive the anguish of prisoners crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs
- Go to the prison where Casanova was incarcerated, and which he later escaped


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Periods and Meeting Points

FROM March 25st to November 04st

Available daily
English, French, German, Spanish


2.45 PM - Calle Larga Ascensione between the Museum Correr and the Post Office




Things to Remember

On request all excursions can be organized privately

  • Each participant is required to present himself promptly to the meeting place
  • The delay at the meeting point or the non-presence are grounds for cancellation of the right to reimbursement



approx. 1 hour

Guided Tour



From 25st March to 04 November
Adults: 64,00 € per person
Children: 46,00 € per person (from 6 to 14)
Children under 6: free (Infant)


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